New Version of FPR Available

Want a .Net object -> object mapper with lots of functionality that’s anywhere from 10-50x faster than AutoMapper?  Of course you do.  That’s why I created FPR:  The Mapper of Your Domain!

To be fair, I didn’t start this project.  I forked it a while back from FastMapper when I ran into some perf issues with AutoMapper. We still use AutoMapper in a lot of places, but have found it to be really slow in some situations and we have a very high throughput SaaS API.  We do a lot of mapping Repo -> Domain -> Contracts, so we need our mapper to be lightning fast.  I found FastMapper, but discovered that while it was really fast, it had some critical bugs and gave very few actionable errors/feedback.  In addition, we needed a much more robust feature set, to put it in the ballpark AutoMapper.  So I forked it and enhanced it significantly.  A teammate suggested the original name, which err….had to be abbreviated to be slightly less controversial.

We don’t use a lot of EF and where we do we haven’t yet switched to FPR, so it hasn’t come up as an issue, but I got some pull requests recently to help with EF mapping support.  Those have been added to the latest release.

So try it out!  Pull requests welcome…