Bootsy FTW

Bootsy Collins

Just published a new Typescript functional-light library on NPM. Bootsy has a lot of great ease-of-use features for functional-light JavaScript.

The intended target is node, but it’s small and there are no dependencies, so there’s no reason you couldn’t also use it for browser-based applications.

Bootsy should play just fine with other functional libraries like Lodash or Ramda

Check us out on NPM or GitHub for more information!

Why name it Bootsy?

Bootsy Collins is one of the most successful funk (func?) musicians to grace us with his music. From laying down some of the most classic lines for James Brown to Parliament/Funkadelic and his own solo efforts, Bootsy is known not for extreme complexity, but for slick, fun grooves. We’re drawing inspiration from his music for our functional library.